Choosing DIRECT MINI MIX means you can have any quantity of concrete and only pay for what you need.

DIRECT MINI MIX can deliver from 1/2 a cubic metre upwards for all your domestic requirements. A concrete driveway is a symbol of quality. It is a great investment. A concrete driveway should last a home owner at least 30 years, while other paving options frequently will need to be replaced every ten years. By the time one factors in how much longer a concrete driveway lasts and how little maintenance it requires, a concrete driveway is not only cost competitive, it is clearly the better bargain.

Benefits of a concrete driveway

  • Competitive Cost: When you compare the initial costs, maintenance costs and replacement costs for the life of a concrete versus an asphalt driveway, you’ll find a concrete driveway is your better investment. Concrete’s first costs are more competitive with new designs and economies in the construction of concrete.
  • Attractive Appearance: The pride you have in your home is reflected in the clean, attractive appearances of a concrete driveway. The investment you make today will last for years to come. A concrete driveway is the right approach to your home.
  • Increased Safety: The non-skid surface and light color are safety features of concrete. Light is reflected in the evening for your family’s safety.
  • Low Maintenance: Your concrete driveway doesn’t need resealing or periodic resurfacing. And, concrete is easier to clean. Snow removal is faster and easier too.
  • Long Lasting: The expected life of a concrete driveway is more than twice that of asphalt! You won’t have bumps or potholes because concrete is more resistant to weather. And, concrete never gets sticky or tacky.




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