Our mixer allows us to volumetrically proportion the raw materials and adjust the mix and strength of your concrete on site at your request as opposed to being mixed in a central batching plant away from site

Being fed on a conveyor belt the aggregate is fed into the hopper where the cement and water is added, this is then fed into a screw auger which has a length of 2.5 metres straight of the back of the lorry, with extensions added it is capable of reaching up to 5 metres. An advantage to the volumetric is if want your mix wet then dry then wet again this is possible.

We at Direct Mini Mix fully appreciate it can be difficult to get accurate measurements which is where this superior option of mixing really comes into its own, being able to produce the needed amount of concrete even if its more than originally ordered can now be performed on site and eliminates having to order a second load, please also bear in mind that with this mixer you will only ever be charged for what you use so if you over order you will not get charged if you use less than you originally ordered. The volumetric is also capable of producing Screed with fibres and retarder which are feed through additive tanks located on the side of the lorry. The volumetric is capable of producing any quantity from 0.5 metre to 14 metres.

Foamed Concrete

Otherwise known as reduced density concrete, this is done using an air entraining admixture that creates air bubbles from within.

Why use Foam Concrete?

  • Much lighter than normal concrete
  • A very strong material despite its lower density
  • Due to the air bubbles within it, foamed concrete is a good insulator




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