Concrete Pumping

A concrete pump can be used to pour anything you need pouring, from slabs to footings, driveways to bases the list really is endless.

Choosing the option of a concrete pump can make the impossible jobs become possible, by being able to cleanly and safely place concrete to those hard to reach places really can make life a lot easier, ranging from a 16 mtr boom up to a 56 mtr boom gives alot of flexibility for any scenario that you may face but distance must always be stated when ordering a pump to ensure that the correct pump is sent to you.

When ordering a pump please be aware that you will need to notify us of any objects that may be blocking access for the pump and the operation of the boom such as low trees, overhead power cables and lamp posts, you will also need to make sure there is appropriate room for the support legs to be fully extended. Upon the arrival of the concrete pump you will also need to supply 2 bags of cement for the priming of the pump, failure to supply this will either result in an extra cost occurring for cement to be supplied or a delay in the pump commencing work  until cement is provided.

If you are pumping a lengthy distance please be aware that you will need to supply labour to assist  in the set up of the pump, if no labour is supplied you will occur an additional cost for us to supply labour, on completion of the concrete being pumped you will need to supply an area for the pump to wash the hopper out, this will usually consist of about  4-5 barrows worth of concrete and can only be washed onto the floor or a washout tray that can be easily made using wood and polythene, if it is not possible for this area to be provided there will be a wash out charge and the pump will be washed out at our yard





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